Therapy Birds

I am thankful for having been able to give my son the opportunity to interact and own a bird. The therapy it provides to him, was and is, life changing.

During this time I had the opportunity to discuss therapy birds with Francis Hilario. He show, breeds and trains birds as therapy birds.

These words will, in one or another, give you an idea why having your bird as a therapy bird will make a difference in one’s life.

No one can understand how they feel unless you take them out of their cage and try to interact with them. …. since I see them having potential, I train them as THERAPY BIRDS

T – hey never talk behind our back and will offer us loyalty.
H – elp us understand our feelings and will show us pure emotions of love. They can…
E – ven lessen our feelings of isolation and loneliness.
R – educe our stress and will help us manage our anger by being more patient.
A – ccept us the way we are, don’t care what we look and poor or rich we are.
P – arrots always develop trusting relationships with us.
Y – ou will always have smile in you once you see them showing their traits and not to mention being happy and content.

B – rings out our nurturing instinct and makes us more caring.
I – n times of need, they are there for us for comfort.
R – eady to entertain even the people who don’t like birds.
D – eserve all of our love and understanding.
S – ource of comfort and will always make us feel needed, safe and special.

By Francis D. Hilario of Frandelhi’s Flyers


  1. Erica Stone says:

    What a beautiful way to outline the benefits of therapy birds. Very nice!

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