i made something new

After making my first project I was inspired to design and build something myself so i did. i had it all planed out so that when I got home from summer camp in Texas with the Boy Scouts I could come back and build. I started building it with my neighbor. i felt like a designer building that thing it looks amazing. i cant belive i built this and designed it all myself!!!!! so cool

The colorful sticks are a toy i bought, its just hanging there for now. I am going to add a perch to one of the corner poles also. I will update this picture when i do.

Peaches loves to climb up and down the ladder.

bird play gym

building for my bird

So I saw this video on youtube. it was a perch that you could make at home. it was so cool so I decided to make it it turned out so good! here is the video for you guys! have fun!

Here is how my perch came out

homemade bird perch

The Crew

Parakeet – Ms. Sunny

Yellow Parakeet - Sunny












Parakeet – Mr. Blue

Blue Parakeet - Mr. Blue












Cockatiel – Ms. Peaches

Cockatiel - Peaches



New Addition

IMG_2648So we have just added a new addition to our family and my room. It was so exciting! We got a cockatiel i didn’t choose it ,it chose me! all the other birds just flew away. This bird is so nice it just loves the heck out of us. Getting a cockatiel is a cool moment they are an amazing bird and they thrive on interaction! i love playing with my new baby. Her name is peaches she is just amazing

What To Do When You Bring Your Bird Home

What do you do when you first get your bird? First ┬álet it get acclimated to the cage and location it will now be living in. You will have to leave it alone for a couple of days. Once it has been about a week or so stick your hand in the cage with some food on it and see if he/she will take it. After that, you cant try to take it out by sticking your finger up to its belly and give a little nudge. You can say “step up” and eventually they will step up onto your finger. I will post a video soon showing how to do this.

What Type Of Bird To Choose


This is my first time owning a bird. I have learned a lot in such a short period of time. Sunny is sitting here on my shoulder right now nibbling my ear :) .

What type of bird would be good for a first time owner? I say a Parakeet. It so easy to care for and train. The only bad thing is that they take a little bit of time to feel comfortable and come out of their cage to get some exercise. Another good starter bird is a Cockatiel. They are so nice. My neighbor owns one. That’s where I first got my idea of getting a bird. I was so happy I met their bird otherwise I would never have met this beautiful bird Sunny.