5 Vintage Bird Cages for your Pet Bird

When talking about Vintage, there can be several different meanings or connotations to the word. The word vintage, for our purposes, refers to a past style of elegance that was well liked back in time and is still popular today. There are vintage bird cages ¬†available for both decoration or for holding your pet bird. I will highlight several of my favorite choices of vintage style bird cages you can use as a home for your pet bird. There are vintage bird cages that are old and some that are new and made to look like the older vintage style. I will show you some vintage style bird cages that are new in age. Older bird cages are not the best choice for your pet bird’s home due to older materials, old paint (may contain lead) and bird cage size are some just to name a few. However, being the bird lover that you are, you most certainly can use the older vintage bird cages as decoration in your home.

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