Choosing A Travel Bird Cage

Besides your everyday bird cage and home for your bird, you will find that a travel bird cage is a must for your pets. Whether you are taking them in to get a pedicure (nails clipped), a  hair cut (wings clipped) or a visit to the vet, you must have something they can travel in. Now some birds are ok in the car and will just sit, but for safety sake it is better to have them in a cage. G-d forbid an accident occurs, they will be protected better than if they were out of a cage.

That’s the point we are at with our birds. We need to bring them  to get a checkup and have already taken them a few times to get their nails and wings clipped.

Here’s a few of the cages we have been looking at:

collapseable travel bird cage


This cage is a collapsible travel bird cage for medium sized birds. This includes Conures, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys and its a good fit for Cockatiels too. You may also consider this cage if you want to have more than one bird to the cage.

Its size is 24″ x 16.5″ x 20″ and comes in white color.

It collapses to a flat shape.

Comes with 2 stainless steel food cups and 1 wooden perch.




Petco Travel Bird Cage

This travel bird cage provides a lot of safety for your bird. It will hold an average size bird or a few small canary’s or finch’s.

This carrier provides lots of ventilation for your pet and has an easy load top.

It comes with a carrying strap and a single perch.








Clear Travel Bird Cage


The Perch and Go Clear View Bird Carrier and Travel Bird Cage offers a different take on a travel bird cage. This cage is made with clear durable polycarbonate that is almost impossible to break.

It is suggested for the following types of birds: Conures, Cockatiels, Quakers, Caciques, African Greys, Amazons, Mini Macaws, small Cockatoos and other similar size parrots.

It has a stainless steel door with safety latch and stainless steel back panel to insure cross ventilation.

The handle doubles as a perch for times when the bird can be taken out of the cage.





Bird Traveler Cage


This type of travel bird cage is great for small car trip. Its made with a lightweight reinforced plastic shell with a cotton canvas overlay, the case protects your bird from the sun and other elements while providing cross ventilation.

Its suggested use is for a Cockatiel or smaller type bird.

Comes with 1 wooden perch.

The front entry is zippable.





Poquito Travel Bird Cage


This bird cage is made by Midwest Homes for Pets. This is a state of the art sturdy cage aptly named the Avian Hotel.

Its carry handle doubles as a wooden perch to be used as a play gym.

Includes 2 stainless steel food cups in addition to a cotton rope perch. These rope perches are very popular. Our Ms. Sunny loves hers.

Its size is 14″ x 18″ x 15″.

The cage can easily be built or taken apart. no tools are necessary.

A carry tote can be used to store the cage parts when not in use. This is sold separately.