Stylish Parakeet Cages

Parakeets, also known as  Budgies or English Parakeets, are one of the most popular pets birds sold in the United States today. They are part of the Parrot family and are considered medium sized.

A Parakeet was the first bird in our home. We chose a simple parakeet cage but I’m going to point out a few cages to you that you might like to consider.

Here are my choices:

Parakeet Bird CageThis is a very simple looking cage and is almost exactly like the first cage we purchased when we got Sunny, our first Parakeet. As with most cages, it has a slide out bottom tray for easy cleaning. It comes with two perches and two food dishes, presumably, one for water, one for food. There are also a few sliding doors for easy access to any part of the cage.

The cage measures 16.5″ long by 11.8″ wide by 22″ high which is plenty of room for one or two parakeets.

For the money this cage cannot be beat.


This next cage adds a little more style into the look of the basic cage with the look of a fashioned roof top. There are other similar and larger cages with even 2 or 3 roof tops. I love the look of these type of cages. Again simple but stylish.

Single Roof Parakeet Bird Cages

This parakeet cage also comes with similar items such as 2 perches, 2 food dishes and an easy slide out bottom tray for easy cleaning.

This also is a very inexpensive cage that gives an excellent value for the money.

We ended up opting for a two roof cage when we got our second parakeet. It gives them a little more living space.


For the most stylish Parakeets, this cage (which comes in several different styles) is a great look, emulating a Victorian home, BrownstoneStone Cottage and a few other styles. They are all very nice looking emulating real architectural styles.

Victorian Parakeet Bird Cages

These cages are approximately 8″ long, 18″ wide, 25″ high and have 5/8-inch wire spacing. They come with 2 perches and again 2 food bowls. Your bird will look very posh and stylish in this bird cage setting.





This next cage is also a great value for the money. This cage is another simple but stylish and functional cage. The fact that it comes with a stand greatly increases the value of the cage. Now you can put your bird where ever you want without the need of a table top.

Parakeet Bird Cage with Stand

The cage is 20″ long x 13 3/4″ wide x 20″ in height. With the stand the cage is 39 3/4″ tall.

This cage also comes with the usual 2 perches and 2 food cups along with an easy slide out bottom tray for easy cleaning.





Last but not least, here is a round parakeet cage and starter kit. This Parakeet bird cage measures 13-1/3″ diameter by 22-1/4″ height. The starter kit comes with the round cage, premium budgie mix, budgie gravel, cuttlebone, and a bird care guide. If this is your first bird, this cage would be a good choice. There are 2 perches and 2 food cups as well. It also has the easy bottom try pullout for easy cleaning.

Round Parakeet Bird Cage

Choosing a Cockatiel Cage

Cockatiels are one of the most wanted pet birds. They are very social birds and that is why we chose to add one to our family. But make sure that you intend to keep the bird for about 15-20 years which is the average lifespan of a Cockatiel. When we were shopping for our bird we also had to get a new cage for it. The most important thing to know when purchasing a Cockatiel cage is that you get one that is big enough. It is recommended to get one that is a minimum of 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall, with 1/2 inch to 1 inch bar spacing. We ended up getting a larger cage for our Cockatiel just in case we end up getting a mate for it. You may want to take that in to consideration.

cockatiel cage

The Cockatiel cage in this post is the one that we ended up purchasing. It has a dome top lid that opens up. When you open it you can put a perch in between the two halves of the top so the bird can play there or just get a different view of things.

Another important part of the bird cage is cleanup. This cage has a slide out grill and seed tray. The seed tray is what catches all of the droppings and seed hulls. The tray simply slides right out and can be dumped into a garbage and washed in the sink.

A properly set up Cockatiel cage should have about 3 perches. Perches should vary in materials and diameter. This is good exercise for their feet.

Cockatiels love to play with toys. Select several different types of toys they can chew and pull and forage on. We have some that are wooden and some that have string, felt, palm leaf, shredded paper and more. There are lots of variety in toys. Oh, birds also love very bright  colorful toys. A swing is another fun toy for your bird.

Click here to see all of the different types of Cockatiel cages.

Here are some other cages that you might be interested in:

5 Vintage Bird Cages for your Pet Bird

When talking about Vintage, there can be several different meanings or connotations to the word. The word vintage, for our purposes, refers to a past style of elegance that was well liked back in time and is still popular today. There are vintage bird cages  available for both decoration or for holding your pet bird. I will highlight several of my favorite choices of vintage style bird cages you can use as a home for your pet bird. There are vintage bird cages that are old and some that are new and made to look like the older vintage style. I will show you some vintage style bird cages that are new in age. Older bird cages are not the best choice for your pet bird’s home due to older materials, old paint (may contain lead) and bird cage size are some just to name a few. However, being the bird lover that you are, you most certainly can use the older vintage bird cages as decoration in your home.

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