To Use A Bird Cage Cover Or Not…That Is The Question

A controversial topic in the bird world is whether to cover your bird cage at night or not. As you would assume, the answer is not a simple yes or no; it depends. It really does depend on your bird and the location of the bird cage. If the bird cage is set in a location that is lit and/or noisy late into the night, its probably best to cover its cage. A bird needs approximately 12 hours of sleep. If its sleep is interrupted your bird may begin to display bad habits or seem sluggish and tired. I’m sure you would not feel great either being woken up while trying to sleep. In that case a bird cage cover will really help the bird to get its sleep. However, you may also consider changing the birds location to a quieter place for nighttime. Sleep is really important for your bird to keep it happy and healthy.

When choosing a bird cage cover there are a few things you want to think about. The first is of course the size of the cover. Make sure the bird cage cover will fit your cage type. There are some covers that are made to fit a specific size cage and then there are adjustable size covers. The adjustable size cage covers are made to fit a variety of different sized cages and use a drawstring type pull to fit your cage.

Second, you want a material that is breathable but heavy enough to block out the light so they can get their sleep.

Here is a variety of available cage covers you might consider:

prevue_bird_cage_coverPrevue Bird Cage Cover
JT Industries Adjustable Bird Cage Cover
Adjustable Bird Cage Cover

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