New Addition

IMG_2648So we have just added a new addition to our family and my room. It was so exciting! We got a cockatiel i didn’t choose it ,it chose me! all the other birds just flew away. This bird is so nice it just loves the heck out of us. Getting a cockatiel is a cool moment they are an amazing bird and they thrive on interaction! i love playing with my new baby. Her name is peaches she is just amazing


  1. Erica Stone says:

    Peaches is a great name. Matches those orange spots on her cheeks. ;) Congrats on your new friend!

  2. Katie D. says:

    I think Peaches chose a great new bud! Sunny is pretty cool too :-D

  3. Sid Hale says:


    It looks like Sunny and Peaches are getting along fine together.

    That’s great! Maybe Sunny will help Peaches get used to her new surroundings.

    I look forward to hearing about how they get along with one another. I hope neither gets jealous. You’ll have to make sure they both know how much you appreciate them.

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