Parakeet Books for Beginner Bird Owners

When my son first became interested in getting a pet bird, he read a lot online. Now we are talking about a kid that WILL NOT read. Show him a book, magazine, website or anything else you can think of; he simply says I hate reading, I am not reading that.

Well that kind of changed the day he decided he wanted a pet bird. He read for days and days online about all different kinds of birds and what kind of bird is best for him to get. He shared all of what he learned with me and his dad. He finally came to the conclusion that a parakeet, also known as a budgie, was right for him and a great introduction to birds.

We went to the local pet store and inquired about the parakeets to make sure it was the right choice. My son interacted and quickly became friends with the lady at the store, in fact, that was about 9 months ago. He still goes to the store to visit with her and discuss birds.

She confirmed with us that it was a great starter bird. She told him everything he needed to know to get started such as picking the right cage, accessories and food. He then picked the bird he wanted and we decided to get the wings clipped. She explained to us that it would allow my son to get closer with the bird because he could not fly away. She even showed him how to clip the wings.

So after getting the first bird home safe and sound we decided to get him a book about how to care for parakeets. We purchased the following two parakeet books which he easily read in a few days.

Starter Parakeet Books

parakeet books

parakeet books







I hope you get a chance to devour these books as my son did and learn all there is to know about caring for your parakeets.

Bringing Home Your First Bird – What You Need To Get Started

Getting your first pet bird is a big step. Just like giving birth to a baby, you want to make sure you have everything you need to take care of the baby…uh, bird and that it is comfortable and happy.

The first most important thing you need is a cage for your bird’s new home. Numero uno on your list!

Bird Cage

Be sure to choose the proper size cage for your new bird. Here is a list of birds and approximate size cages they will need.

Min Cage Size
Bar Spacing
Finches18"x30"x18"1/4" to 1/2"
Canaries18"x24" x18"1/4" to 1/2"
20"x20"x24"1/2" to 5/8"
Ringneck Parakeets24"x24"x36"1/2" to 5/8"
24"x24"x24"5/8" to 3/4"
24"x24"x36"5/8" to 3/4"
Mini Macaws
Goffin's Cockatoos
African Greys
24"x36"x48"3/4" to 1"
Large Cockatoos36"x48"x48"1" to 1.5"
Large Macaws36"x48"x60"1" to 1.5"

Parakeet Bird Cage with Stand

The other thing you want to know about choosing a bird cage is what else comes with it. Do you need to purchase perches and food dishes? Does it come with a stand and/or rolling wheels. Wheels make it easier to move the cage around for cleaning as well as to give your bird a new view from time to time.

Is it easy to clean? Most cages have a bottom tray that pulls out for easy cleaning. This tray should be cleaned daily to remove the fecal and hence odor. Not only that but a dirty cage can lead to serious health issues for the bird. You can use prepared cage liners, newspaper or paper towels to lay out on the tray. A larger door or lift out bottom grid is also helpful for cleaning. A larger door will help you to get your hands into the cage easier. If the bottom grid comes out, you will have a much easier time cleaning up.



Birds love bright colorful things. So any toy with bright colors will be sure to spark an interest. They also love mirrors. Sometimes they may even talk to themselves in the mirror. Depending upon the size of your bird cage you will need a few toys to keep your bird busy. You do not want the bird to feel bored in his cage. A ladder is another fun toy to have in your cage and also bells. They love to hear the noise.


bird swing

Other necessary items for your bird cage are perches and food cups. You should have at least one cup for food and one for water. Of course these should be changed daily.

You should have enough perches to enable the bird to access all the fun toys you put in the cage and allow him to access different views from the cage. Again its all about stimulation. A bored bird makes a noisy bird, squawking for your attention.

Another fun accessory to have in your cage is a bird swing. Your bird will get tons of enjoyment sitting on his swing.


Make sure you bring a bag of food home for your new bird. Decide if you want to feed him a pellet diet or seed diet. Birds also eat lots of fruits and vegetables just be sure not to feed him avocado.