To Use A Bird Cage Cover Or Not…That Is The Question

A controversial topic in the bird world is whether to cover your bird cage at night or not. As you would assume, the answer is not a simple yes or no; it depends. It really does depend on your bird and the location of the bird cage. If the bird cage is set in a location that is lit and/or noisy late into the night, its probably best to cover its cage. A bird needs approximately 12 hours of sleep. If its sleep is interrupted your bird may begin to display bad habits or seem sluggish and tired. I’m sure you would not feel great either being woken up while trying to sleep. In that case a bird cage cover will really help the bird to get its sleep. However, you may also consider changing the birds location to a quieter place for nighttime. Sleep is really important for your bird to keep it happy and healthy.

When choosing a bird cage cover there are a few things you want to think about. The first is of course the size of the cover. Make sure the bird cage cover will fit your cage type. There are some covers that are made to fit a specific size cage and then there are adjustable size covers. The adjustable size cage covers are made to fit a variety of different sized cages and use a drawstring type pull to fit your cage.

Second, you want a material that is breathable but heavy enough to block out the light so they can get their sleep.

Here is a variety of available cage covers you might consider:

prevue_bird_cage_coverPrevue Bird Cage Cover
JT Industries Adjustable Bird Cage Cover
Adjustable Bird Cage Cover

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We’d like to hear from you! Do you cover your bird’s cage at night?

Bringing Home Your First Bird – What You Need To Get Started

Getting your first pet bird is a big step. Just like giving birth to a baby, you want to make sure you have everything you need to take care of the baby…uh, bird and that it is comfortable and happy.

The first most important thing you need is a cage for your bird’s new home. Numero uno on your list!

Bird Cage

Be sure to choose the proper size cage for your new bird. Here is a list of birds and approximate size cages they will need.

Min Cage Size
Bar Spacing
Finches18"x30"x18"1/4" to 1/2"
Canaries18"x24" x18"1/4" to 1/2"
20"x20"x24"1/2" to 5/8"
Ringneck Parakeets24"x24"x36"1/2" to 5/8"
24"x24"x24"5/8" to 3/4"
24"x24"x36"5/8" to 3/4"
Mini Macaws
Goffin's Cockatoos
African Greys
24"x36"x48"3/4" to 1"
Large Cockatoos36"x48"x48"1" to 1.5"
Large Macaws36"x48"x60"1" to 1.5"

Parakeet Bird Cage with Stand

The other thing you want to know about choosing a bird cage is what else comes with it. Do you need to purchase perches and food dishes? Does it come with a stand and/or rolling wheels. Wheels make it easier to move the cage around for cleaning as well as to give your bird a new view from time to time.

Is it easy to clean? Most cages have a bottom tray that pulls out for easy cleaning. This tray should be cleaned daily to remove the fecal and hence odor. Not only that but a dirty cage can lead to serious health issues for the bird. You can use prepared cage liners, newspaper or paper towels to lay out on the tray. A larger door or lift out bottom grid is also helpful for cleaning. A larger door will help you to get your hands into the cage easier. If the bottom grid comes out, you will have a much easier time cleaning up.



Birds love bright colorful things. So any toy with bright colors will be sure to spark an interest. They also love mirrors. Sometimes they may even talk to themselves in the mirror. Depending upon the size of your bird cage you will need a few toys to keep your bird busy. You do not want the bird to feel bored in his cage. A ladder is another fun toy to have in your cage and also bells. They love to hear the noise.


bird swing

Other necessary items for your bird cage are perches and food cups. You should have at least one cup for food and one for water. Of course these should be changed daily.

You should have enough perches to enable the bird to access all the fun toys you put in the cage and allow him to access different views from the cage. Again its all about stimulation. A bored bird makes a noisy bird, squawking for your attention.

Another fun accessory to have in your cage is a bird swing. Your bird will get tons of enjoyment sitting on his swing.


Make sure you bring a bag of food home for your new bird. Decide if you want to feed him a pellet diet or seed diet. Birds also eat lots of fruits and vegetables just be sure not to feed him avocado.


Stylish Parakeet Cages

Parakeets, also known as  Budgies or English Parakeets, are one of the most popular pets birds sold in the United States today. They are part of the Parrot family and are considered medium sized.

A Parakeet was the first bird in our home. We chose a simple parakeet cage but I’m going to point out a few cages to you that you might like to consider.

Here are my choices:

Parakeet Bird CageThis is a very simple looking cage and is almost exactly like the first cage we purchased when we got Sunny, our first Parakeet. As with most cages, it has a slide out bottom tray for easy cleaning. It comes with two perches and two food dishes, presumably, one for water, one for food. There are also a few sliding doors for easy access to any part of the cage.

The cage measures 16.5″ long by 11.8″ wide by 22″ high which is plenty of room for one or two parakeets.

For the money this cage cannot be beat.


This next cage adds a little more style into the look of the basic cage with the look of a fashioned roof top. There are other similar and larger cages with even 2 or 3 roof tops. I love the look of these type of cages. Again simple but stylish.

Single Roof Parakeet Bird Cages

This parakeet cage also comes with similar items such as 2 perches, 2 food dishes and an easy slide out bottom tray for easy cleaning.

This also is a very inexpensive cage that gives an excellent value for the money.

We ended up opting for a two roof cage when we got our second parakeet. It gives them a little more living space.


For the most stylish Parakeets, this cage (which comes in several different styles) is a great look, emulating a Victorian home, BrownstoneStone Cottage and a few other styles. They are all very nice looking emulating real architectural styles.

Victorian Parakeet Bird Cages

These cages are approximately 8″ long, 18″ wide, 25″ high and have 5/8-inch wire spacing. They come with 2 perches and again 2 food bowls. Your bird will look very posh and stylish in this bird cage setting.





This next cage is also a great value for the money. This cage is another simple but stylish and functional cage. The fact that it comes with a stand greatly increases the value of the cage. Now you can put your bird where ever you want without the need of a table top.

Parakeet Bird Cage with Stand

The cage is 20″ long x 13 3/4″ wide x 20″ in height. With the stand the cage is 39 3/4″ tall.

This cage also comes with the usual 2 perches and 2 food cups along with an easy slide out bottom tray for easy cleaning.





Last but not least, here is a round parakeet cage and starter kit. This Parakeet bird cage measures 13-1/3″ diameter by 22-1/4″ height. The starter kit comes with the round cage, premium budgie mix, budgie gravel, cuttlebone, and a bird care guide. If this is your first bird, this cage would be a good choice. There are 2 perches and 2 food cups as well. It also has the easy bottom try pullout for easy cleaning.

Round Parakeet Bird Cage

Choosing A Travel Bird Cage

Besides your everyday bird cage and home for your bird, you will find that a travel bird cage is a must for your pets. Whether you are taking them in to get a pedicure (nails clipped), a  hair cut (wings clipped) or a visit to the vet, you must have something they can travel in. Now some birds are ok in the car and will just sit, but for safety sake it is better to have them in a cage. G-d forbid an accident occurs, they will be protected better than if they were out of a cage.

That’s the point we are at with our birds. We need to bring them  to get a checkup and have already taken them a few times to get their nails and wings clipped.

Here’s a few of the cages we have been looking at:

collapseable travel bird cage


This cage is a collapsible travel bird cage for medium sized birds. This includes Conures, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys and its a good fit for Cockatiels too. You may also consider this cage if you want to have more than one bird to the cage.

Its size is 24″ x 16.5″ x 20″ and comes in white color.

It collapses to a flat shape.

Comes with 2 stainless steel food cups and 1 wooden perch.




Petco Travel Bird Cage

This travel bird cage provides a lot of safety for your bird. It will hold an average size bird or a few small canary’s or finch’s.

This carrier provides lots of ventilation for your pet and has an easy load top.

It comes with a carrying strap and a single perch.








Clear Travel Bird Cage


The Perch and Go Clear View Bird Carrier and Travel Bird Cage offers a different take on a travel bird cage. This cage is made with clear durable polycarbonate that is almost impossible to break.

It is suggested for the following types of birds: Conures, Cockatiels, Quakers, Caciques, African Greys, Amazons, Mini Macaws, small Cockatoos and other similar size parrots.

It has a stainless steel door with safety latch and stainless steel back panel to insure cross ventilation.

The handle doubles as a perch for times when the bird can be taken out of the cage.





Bird Traveler Cage


This type of travel bird cage is great for small car trip. Its made with a lightweight reinforced plastic shell with a cotton canvas overlay, the case protects your bird from the sun and other elements while providing cross ventilation.

Its suggested use is for a Cockatiel or smaller type bird.

Comes with 1 wooden perch.

The front entry is zippable.





Poquito Travel Bird Cage


This bird cage is made by Midwest Homes for Pets. This is a state of the art sturdy cage aptly named the Avian Hotel.

Its carry handle doubles as a wooden perch to be used as a play gym.

Includes 2 stainless steel food cups in addition to a cotton rope perch. These rope perches are very popular. Our Ms. Sunny loves hers.

Its size is 14″ x 18″ x 15″.

The cage can easily be built or taken apart. no tools are necessary.

A carry tote can be used to store the cage parts when not in use. This is sold separately.

Choosing a Cockatiel Cage

Cockatiels are one of the most wanted pet birds. They are very social birds and that is why we chose to add one to our family. But make sure that you intend to keep the bird for about 15-20 years which is the average lifespan of a Cockatiel. When we were shopping for our bird we also had to get a new cage for it. The most important thing to know when purchasing a Cockatiel cage is that you get one that is big enough. It is recommended to get one that is a minimum of 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall, with 1/2 inch to 1 inch bar spacing. We ended up getting a larger cage for our Cockatiel just in case we end up getting a mate for it. You may want to take that in to consideration.

cockatiel cage

The Cockatiel cage in this post is the one that we ended up purchasing. It has a dome top lid that opens up. When you open it you can put a perch in between the two halves of the top so the bird can play there or just get a different view of things.

Another important part of the bird cage is cleanup. This cage has a slide out grill and seed tray. The seed tray is what catches all of the droppings and seed hulls. The tray simply slides right out and can be dumped into a garbage and washed in the sink.

A properly set up Cockatiel cage should have about 3 perches. Perches should vary in materials and diameter. This is good exercise for their feet.

Cockatiels love to play with toys. Select several different types of toys they can chew and pull and forage on. We have some that are wooden and some that have string, felt, palm leaf, shredded paper and more. There are lots of variety in toys. Oh, birds also love very bright  colorful toys. A swing is another fun toy for your bird.

Click here to see all of the different types of Cockatiel cages.

Here are some other cages that you might be interested in:

New Additions Mean New Bird Cages

We recently acquired two new bird cages (and have a spare)! As you probably have read we have a new addition to our family. My son got a new Cockatiel. There is a little story behind this new bird.

As a family, we decided to put together a chore chart in order for the family to get all chores done on a weekly basis. As well, the kids were not pitching in. The weekly chores are to be done by the entire family, not just the adults. With this new chore chart came the art of each child coming up with a reward they would like to earn. Of course us parents rewards are the rewards of teaching our children responsibility…I know…stop laughing….IT WORKS!

Even though I have been through this process many times in the past few years, this time it is working. The trick, let them choose something (that you agree with) that they really want to work towards. Justin chose to earn a new bird, given 2 months of performing his chores responsibly. This reward started out innocently enough.

Can you see where this is heading?

A simple second Parakeet, $20, and maybe we would need a larger cage. First month was going great. Justin doing his chores, including cleaning the bird cage each week. Well, Justin did his homework, and I don’t mean the school kind. He started looking into what was the best type of bird to get.

In the meantime, preparing to get a new Parakeet, we purchased a larger cage that will hold two birds more comfortably.

Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird CageWe decided on the Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof bird cage. This cage is recommended for Parakeets and Cockatiels. The cage comes with 2 wooden perches and two food cups. Its spacious enough to add a few toys and other perches. This cage, like a lot of others, has a pull out tray on the bottom of the cage which makes for very easy cleaning.

If you look closely in the photo, you can see Sunny in her new home behind the hanging ball. She acclimated to the move just fine. We also found a cabinet to put it on. It has two shelves enclosed with doors. That is where all the extra “stuff” is stored away from sight.

With all of the new stuff set and ready to welcome a new bird, Justin announces that he thinks he wants to get a different type of bird. After doing his research he found that Cockatiels are much more interactive and social with their owner. I also learned that getting a hand raised bird is really important. They grow up used to being held and touched and hand fed. They do not really bite and are very friendly.

I listened to what he had to share. Not knowing that a Cockatiel cost a lot more than a Parakeet, and that they could not really share a cage, I thought that getting a Cockatiel sounded ok.

Over the next few days of discussion, I finally find out that they cannot share the cage. Ok, so we have the original cage, it should be big enough for the new bird. For the next few days and more research, and emails between Justin and a local bird shop, they tell him that they just sold out of all their baby Cockatiels. The other babies they have will not be ready for sale for another 4 weeks.

Well, Justin was not having any of that. He was upset but began looking for other local bird shops. Lo and behold he found one. Again, various emails back and forth to the owner, Justin told him to expect us that Friday.

Dome Top Bird Cage

We arrived, and the owner was very impressed with Justin and all of his knowledge. They discussed which bird to choose from the various Cockatiels in the cage. Just fell in love with the bird that chose him! The bird was on his shoulder in an instant and never left.

Then came the cage discussion! I thought for sure the cage we had was fine. He thought not. Ok. Now we need another cage. He showed us all the possibilities and ended giving us a deal on one. Its a dome top bird cage. The cage comes with two wooden perches, a stand with a shelf and wheels, a pull out bottom tray for easy cleaning and 3 metal food cups. It is the perfect size “just in case” we get a second Cockatiel down the road. Ok, I decided we were making an investment and we just went for it. It really was for the best, as I see it now.

Bird cage with swing out food cups

There is two really neat things about this cage besides it being on wheels. First, the metal food cups. You can fill the cups without having to put your hand in or open the cage. They swing out for easy filling. I thought that was really neat. Also, as I have come to know, this bird can eat! As soon as you get food in the cage she is on it. So this just makes it a bit easier.

The second thing about this cage is that the top of the cage opens up and you place one of the wooden perches between each half at the top and you have a little play area where the bird can hang out. We have not done this yet. But it looks like this photo.



That is how we ended up with one new bird and two new cages.

Justin told me the other day, “When I get my next bird we will have to turn the guest room into the bird room!” That was the funniest thing I had heard all day! I told him there will be no more new birds for a while. He will have to come up with some other reward for chores…..

5 Vintage Bird Cages for your Pet Bird

When talking about Vintage, there can be several different meanings or connotations to the word. The word vintage, for our purposes, refers to a past style of elegance that was well liked back in time and is still popular today. There are vintage bird cages  available for both decoration or for holding your pet bird. I will highlight several of my favorite choices of vintage style bird cages you can use as a home for your pet bird. There are vintage bird cages that are old and some that are new and made to look like the older vintage style. I will show you some vintage style bird cages that are new in age. Older bird cages are not the best choice for your pet bird’s home due to older materials, old paint (may contain lead) and bird cage size are some just to name a few. However, being the bird lover that you are, you most certainly can use the older vintage bird cages as decoration in your home.

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