About Us

I never knew that a bird could be a healing pet just like a dog. From time to time I hear talk about those special dogs that help children express themselves after some tragic event or a dog that provides companionship to a senior citizen. I always just assumed it was mostly dogs and some cats that are used to provide healing.

sunny1It turns out that this year has not been a great year for my son. He has dealt with ADD with hyperactivity and impulsivity, major depression and poor self esteem causing a really bad school year. Due to these issues, without my son knowing, we were looking into getting a pet that may be able to help him. Of course we immediately thought about a dog. However, I have been resistant to getting a dog, due to the great responsibility of being a dog owner. I did not want to have to worry that noone was home all day to walk it or that we could not go away at a moments notice.

Then one day my son was at a neighbors house. This neighbor owns a Cockatiel. My son had the chance to hold the bird and talk to it and see what owning a bird was all about. He came home to tell us that he thought it would be a good idea to get a bird for him. He told us that it would help him with responsibility and he would be able to talk to it about things he felt uncomfortable talking about with others; it would be a good friend for him.


I thought it was a great idea and much more acceptable to me than becoming a dog owner. He did some research on birds for the next few days and decided that a Parakeet would be a good choice. We went to the pet store and discussed the choice with them and they concurred. Parakeets are a very social bird and love interaction.

So needless to say my son became a bird owner. I say “my son” because the bird is his own responsibility. He takes care of it all himself. He walks around the house with it on his shoulder, talks to it, gives it treats, and reads up a lot on all aspects of being a pet bird owner. He has taken such a great interest it truly is great to see.

We have decided to build this site together to teach others about being a pet bird owner. He will be posting about what he learns and does with “Sunny”.