parakeet books

Parakeet Books for Beginner Bird Owners

When my son first became interested in getting a pet bird, he read a lot online. Now we are talking about a kid that WILL NOT read. Show him a book, magazine, website or anything else you can think of; he simply says I hate reading, I am not reading that. Well that kind of [...]

bird veterinarian

A Trip to the Bird Veterinarian

Our household owns 3 birds, one cockatiel and 2 budgies (parakeets).  One evening after settling down from the afternoons activities, my son comes to tell me that the parakeets “just don’t look right.”  By this time it is nearing 7 o’clock and about the time most veterinarians would close up shop for the night. After [...]

Adjustable Bird Cage Cover

To Use A Bird Cage Cover Or Not…That Is The Question

A controversial topic in the bird world is whether to cover your bird cage at night or not. As you would assume, the answer is not a simple yes or no; it depends. It really does depend on your bird and the location of the bird cage. If the bird cage is set in a [...]

bird swing

Bringing Home Your First Bird – What You Need To Get Started

Getting your first pet bird is a big step. Just like giving birth to a baby, you want to make sure you have everything you need to take care of the baby…uh, bird and that it is comfortable and happy. The first most important thing you need is a cage for your bird’s new home. [...]

disco the talking parakeet

Disco Makes People Just Plain Feel Good!

Have you heard about Disco? NO, not that Disco!!! Disco the Parakeet! This is some fun stuff and you can call it pet therapy as it brings joy to so many fans! Per his YouTube channel: …hear him talk, beatbox, meow, snore, bark, and, yes, even sing a few Stones songs. Disco was born in [...]

Parakeet Bird Cage

Stylish Parakeet Cages

Parakeets, also known as  Budgies or English Parakeets, are one of the most popular pets birds sold in the United States today. They are part of the Parrot family and are considered medium sized. A Parakeet was the first bird in our home. We chose a simple parakeet cage but I’m going to point out a [...]

bird play gym

i made something new

After making my first project I was inspired to design and build something myself so i did. i had it all planed out so that when I got home from summer camp in Texas with the Boy Scouts I could come back and build. I started building it with my neighbor. i felt like a [...]

homemade bird perch

building for my bird

So I saw this video on youtube. it was a perch that you could make at home. it was so cool so I decided to make it it turned out so good! here is the video for you guys! have fun! Here is how my perch came out

Clear Travel Bird Cage

Choosing A Travel Bird Cage

Besides your everyday bird cage and home for your bird, you will find that a travel bird cage is a must for your pets. Whether you are taking them in to get a pedicure (nails clipped), a  hair cut (wings clipped) or a visit to the vet, you must have something they can travel in. [...]